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Alarm Companies

Provide value-added service to your customers through a superior level of fire protection. OPEN ACCESS™ can be added economically to current Underwriters Laboratories listed Signals Receiving Centres with no changes to existing hardware.

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Fire Departments & Authorities

OPEN ACCESS™ is a high-speed gateway that has been independently proven to save an average of 114.7 seconds on emergency response times thus reducing potential property damage and loss of life.

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Insurance Companies

OPEN ACCESS™ is a faster, more reliable means of connecting fire alarm monitoring stations and emergency response teams. Independently proven to lower risk of fatalities, property damage, and human error.

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Saving Time Saves Lives

OPEN ACCESS™ is a revolutionary technology that works with Underwriters Laboratories listed monitoring companies, and approved data providers to re-transmit incident information to the appropriate partner Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) to aid and expedite the dispatch of emergency response providers. The use of OPEN ACCESS™ technology has been independently proven to save up to two minutes in fire department response time.

Connecting With
Emergency Response Teams

OPEN ACCESS™ is a faster and more reliable way to connect with emergency response teams and improves upon conventional notification procedures.

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