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OPEN ACCESS™ is a revolutionary technology that works with Underwriters Laboratories listed monitoring companies and approved data providers to re-transmit incident information to the appropriate partner Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) to aid and expedite the dispatch of emergency response providers.

Alarm Company Benefits

OPEN ACCESS™ offers alarm companies the opportunity to provide value-added service to their customers.  Offering this superior level of service also establishes an upgraded recurring revenue model where alarm companies can charge for additional monthly service revenues based on the delivery of enhanced services.

Benefits include:

  • Recurring revenue model where you can earn monthly service revenue.
  • Easily integrates with existing monitoring systems.
  • No hardware changes or additions to alarm equipment required.
  • A superior level of protection; proven to save an average of 114.7 seconds on response times.
  • Ensures compliance with Canadian ULC-S561 fire alarm dispatching requirements.
  • Allows incident information to travel directly to a PSAP CAD dispatch system.

OPEN ACCESS™ can partner with any Underwriters Laboratories listed monitoring centre using a variety of automation platforms, including (but not limited to):

open access time temp chart

The OPEN ACCESS™ Difference

Traditional monitoring utilizes an alarm monitoring panel to relay alarm information to an Underwriters Laboratories listed Signals Receiving Centre (SRC).  Once received, alarm monitoring centre operators use this information to dispatch emergency responders by verbally relaying the alarm and building information to the emergency dispatcher, who will then dispatch the authorities to a location.

Through the use of OPEN ACCESS™, alarms are automatically re-transmitted to the emergency services dispatcher while the initial signal remains under the supervision of the monitoring station operator.  The monitoring centre operator still makes a call to verify the alarm data has been received, however usually by the time this call has been made, the emergency responders’ dispatch and turnout procedures are already underway.

OPEN ACCESS™ has been independently proven to reduce response times by 114.7 seconds, and reduce the potential for human error in the dispatching process.  Read more about this study HERE

OPEN ACCESS™ Applications

  • Commercial buildings.
  • High-Rise residential buildings.
  • High-rise, low-rise seniors’ residences.
  • Hospitals and Schools.
  • City Buildings and Offices.
  • All premises required to be monitored as per local fire and/or building codes.

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