• A public-private sector fire safety initiative,
  • In partnership with the alarm industry
  • Delivering alarms to fire departments more quickly and reliably

Fire Monitoring Technologies International is an established technology provider to the fire safety community. We understand the challenges faced by property owners, alarm companies, fire departments, insurers and safety authorities

Reduces Risk.

  • Reduce the potential for human error
  • Lower potential property damage and loss of life by reducing fire department response times
  • Ensure compliance with the fire codes on every fire alarm signal

OPEN ACCESS™ is a high
speed bi-directional gateway

  • For direct, immediate alarm delivery from alarm monitoring stations to emergency response teams
  • Providing alarm data transmission, between UL/ULC alarm station software, and emergency services E-911 Computer Aided Dispatch systems
  • Flagging critical building data where Fire Department CAD permits

Study Confirms
Time Savings Using OPEN ACCESS™

  • Conventional alarm monitoring provides an essential service but features inherent delay and opportunities for errors
  • Reporting a fire alarm takes time. The slightest delay – even 30 seconds – means exponential increase in fire progress
  • Less than the best possible alarm delivery is a systemic, ongoing

Message from the CEO

Kevin Allison, General Manager, is stepping in for this edition of the Fire Monitoring of Canada Inc. Message from the CEO.

Fire Alarm systems are designed to notify occupants of a building when there is a fire emergency in the building, and alert them that they need to leave.  In these instances, building managers and supervisors become responsible for...

Kevin Allison HBSc, CSP
General Manager
Fire Monitoring of Canada Inc.

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